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Matter Planet Personal Branding/Marketing

Matter Planet - Maximize What MattersMaximize What Matters™!  Matter Planet PBM helps job seekers and entrepreneurs define and build their brand.

What is a brand?
Your brand is the sum of everything that you and/or your company represents.  It is your reputation.  It is what people expect when they have an interaction with you or your company.

People who are recognized for their brand have identified their passion, know their unique value propositions, are effective at reaching and engaging their audiences, and manage their brand for maximum return on investment.

What is marketing?
Marketing is the strategic process that you use to pronounce, protect, and enhance your brand.  It includes among other things, (1) advertising and promotional programs; (2) pricing practices; and (3) relationships with your market (dealers, wholesalers, retailers and customers).

Your marketing activities should help you enhance your brand.

  1. Identify and define marketing opportunities and problems associated with your brand
  2. Generate, refine, and evaluate your marketing activities
  3. Monitor and manage your marketing results
  4. Improve your brand through your marketing process

With that in mind, Matter Planet PBM is committed to developing your Personal Brand and Marketing it.  We are pleased to provide free tips, how-to, educational resources, analysis, events and a community dedicated to your brand's success.  We've helped industry titans like IBM, Bose, ABC, NBC, US Army Corps of Engineers and many others and can do the same for you. 

Our professional services include one-on-one career and business coaching, creation of branding tool kits, marketing and content creation, and mentoring. 

It's your brand.  Who says YOU, Inc., can't have it all?

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